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The Apple Watch


Have you seen it?

So Apple has just released a preview of their latest innovation, the Apple Watch. It boasts tremendous possibilities and bags of style.

They claim the Apple Watch to be the “most personal device yet” with countless colours and straps to suit anyone. Prices ranging from $350 to $13,500 depending on which case and strap you choose. From rubber, to stainless steel and even gold, you can find a style that suits you. Although, the strap doesn’t look very robust. From what we can see, we envisage a lot of problems with the strap. But we’d imagine that it would have gone through vigorous testing before being released, so we could be wrong. But only time will tell 😉

We haven’t had the luxury of trying one of these out yet but we can tell it will be a great time piece. Whilst it’s not a Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier or any other vintage watch brand for that matter; at the same time it’s not boasting to be. This is on the complete other end of the spectrum. The Apple Watch is the newest form of technology and innovation to be worn on the wrist.

Developers are jumping on the band wagon and creating new apps to cater for the Apple Watch enhancing your experience.

Set to be on sale for 24.04.15, we think it will sell like hot cakes! Who’s going to buy one?

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