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Omega was born in 1848 down a peaceful promenade in the streets of Switzerland by it’s founding father Louis Brandt. His two sons took over the business in 1879 when Louis sadly passed away.

The company did not establish it’s name until the mid-1890’s when there was an industrial revelation in the techniques used to create such unique time pieces. Reputation grew steadily as they crossed over into the new century. Omega achieved a major landmark in 1931 when they set new shattering records during the Six Precision Chronometer Trails. This catapulted Omega’s reputation, making them the official timekeepers of the 1932 Oympic games held in Los Angeles. This same year was also an important one for Omega when they introduced the first wrist watch designed for Scuba Divers. Omega became a signature time piece worn by very well known public figures such as Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy.

Omega broke it’s barriers when the Speedmaster was chosen, out of plenty of hopeful companies, to be the official chronograph certified by NASA to be worn by astronauts on their manned space missions making it the first watch to be worn in space and on the moon and later saving the Apollo 13 team during their terrifying ordeal.

Omega has since remained a pivotal fine-watch company being supported by countless athletes and public figures.

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