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The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, initially started out in London in 1905 at the tender age of 24 specialising in the distribution of timepieces. At the time, watches were not considered very reliable. Hans saw an opportunity to develop the timepiece in to a precise, dependable and fashionable watch to be worn on the wrist. As Hans’ business started to get popular, he wanted to give it a name that could be remembered around the world and would be easy to say. Thus Rolex was born in 1908.

The company was on a mission which paid off in 1914 when the Rolex wristwatch was awarded a class “A” for it’s precision in telling time and has held this reputation since. Rolex has remained consistent in developing ground breaking mechanisms and releasing numerous collections that do not disappoint.

Rolex continues it’s quest and has been in the forefront of sporting events such as Wimbledon and Formula 1 for keeping time and remains auspicious and current in today’s industry.

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